After three failed attempts to login, a user account will be locked out. Administrators can find a manual override in the Admin Panel under Account Locked.  To manually reset the account, simply uncheck the box of that account. At this point a default password is then re-activated, and the user will need to reset.

You have the option to extend your Free Trial for a period of 15 days after the expiration (This needs to be done before the expiry). You can find this within Contact Boss at the top left, next to the Account Details. If you have already extended your Free Trial, you will need to register for a plan to continue using Contact Boss.

To upgrade your plan, simply click on the Admin Settings and select Account, then Subscription. You will be shown your current plan, and you can select your preferred Upgrade/Renewal option.

Contact Boss has a simple method for checking for duplicates within the system right from the quick create function. To do this, simply click the 'quick create' button, and enter the client's email address. Before you 'submit', click the 'check duplicates (by email)' link. This will confirm if the contact email is already in the system. 

When a new contact visits your business, train your front desk staff to start by asking, “Is this your first visit with us?” If the answer is “yes”, then all you need to do is record the visitor name, their email, who they wish to meet with, the purpose of the visit, and any other pertinent information. You can then select ‘submit’ to save the visit.

If the visitor chooses to wait, leave the end visit/call box unchecked, so that your team members know there is a person waiting for them.

Similarly, you can check the end visit / call box if the person has left. This will inform your team member that the person is not waiting.

For new contacts, you can select the ‘quick create’ button on the bottom right to enter the contact information, search for duplicates, and to save for later follow up.

Bulk / CSV import is only available on Pro, Premium or Enterprise editions of Contact Boss, so if you are in Boss Demo, you will need to upgrade in order to use this feature.

To import contacts into Contact Boss, select the import option from the left-hand menu located under the Admin menu. Your existing database needs to be configured using one of the supplied templates, uploaded and mapped accordingly. Failing to do this initial setup can result in data mismatches, so it’s important to do this step carefully.

Complete Details are Available in our Easy Starter Package - Please click here