Is your CRM Database Compliant with Data Security Regulations?


Remember the days before CRM databases when you stored all customer data in a physical file or rolodex? Thankfully, those days have passed, and it’s easier than ever to store and keep track of customer data. However, even with the advancement of technology, security threats are a real concern, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive business and client information. Furthermore, remaining compliant with data and security regulations can be a confusing process. Contact Boss can simplify this process.

7 CRM Features For Security Protection

Protecting client and business data in a secure, CRM database is likely a high priority for your company. This is why Contact Boss has a number of security features that help to ensure your client information is kept secure.

1. Site security / HTTPS

Although HTTPS connections were originally only used for sensitive data such as online payments and password protection, the entire web is moving toward this as a security measure. HTTPS, which is secured using Transport Layer Security (TLS) uses 3 layers of protection: Encryption, Data integrity, and Authentication.

2. Multi-factor Logins

In a business setting, this is especially important because it adds an extra layer of security against cyber threats and employee error. Multi-factor authentication verifies the user’s identity before granting access to company devices, email, etc by requiring a password and a security question.

3. Off-site Redundancies

This method is used to prevent data loss in the case of hard-drive failure, device theft or cyber attack. All data is scheduled to be backed up twice per week and stored in the cloud in multiple copies and across several hard drives. Any business that relies on data storage can benefit from off-site redundancy because it prevents expensive downtime.

4. Login Tracking

This step can ensure your login hasn’t been compromised by providing the time of login and logout, browser type, IP address, and country of origin.

5. Audit Trail

An audit trail promotes accountability since it tracks each client record that is created, edited and deleted and by which user. A recent Intel Security report found that 43% of data loss, (half intentional and half accidental), is caused by employees. The login tracking and audit trail features used by Contact Boss software can help reduce this drastically.

6. Secure Payment Integration

This is done via PayPal which means the user doesn’t need to store credit card information on their device, and their payment information is always secure.

7. Reliable Software

Our CRM database features offer security, reliability and compliance. And, since Contact Boss is a North American software, it doesn’t require compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Dangers Of A CRM Database Breach

Client information files can contain sensitive data and protecting this information is vital. When protection is compromised, your CRM can be exploited.

Often, when a data security breach occurs, the focus is pointed to whether credit card data was accessed or stolen rather than whether CRM data may have been taken, which can be just as detrimental to a company.

Cyber criminals who have gained access to a CRM database can then use this data to contact the customers within those files and build their trust. The customer, who will believe that he or she is interacting with a genuine entity, may release more data and information to these criminals who can then sell that info to interested parties or use it for identity theft. 

Of course, once a crime like this is discovered and the customer has realized what occurred, they will trace the incident back to the data breach and lose all trust in the company that was hacked. 

In addition to identity theft, malware can penetrate a company by using phishing schemes, which can be sent through infected attachments and links. Once opened, these attachments and links can give criminals access to email addresses, company hierarchy information and more. Worse, is that these criminals can then impersonate upper management executives and send emails to employees requesting money transfers, banking details, or try to obtain an authorized user’s credentials in order to access CRM database data. 

Contact Boss Is Focused On Keeping Your CRM Database Secure

At Contact Boss, we know that building trust between you and your client means keeping their information secure. That’s why we are dedicated to doing just that. You can focus on your business and clients, and leave the security to us. Contact us today for pricing or check out our free trial.


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