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Whether your organization has already committed to a software solution for managing contact data, or you are still evaluating the merits, you should know that it is a universally accepted fact that efficient CRM software for small/mediuml businesses and not for profits can significantly improve your bottom line. Either way, it is worth taking a look at how you can optimize the use of your contact data management software or CRM to become more efficient and save money as well! 

Choose your CRM wisely – If your organization is small with few users and uncomplicated business systems then an off-the-shelf customer relationship management solution may be right for you. However, a business with more complex contact database management requirements may want to consider a custom or enterprise solution. Contact Boss Pro for example offers affordable subscriptions starting at currently under $12 CAD per month as well as the option to request a customized enterprise version. Take a look at your sales and marketing processes as well as the internal communication structures to carefully determine your best online contact management (CRM) needs, being sure not to buy a Cadillac version of web-based CRM software if you really only need a well established Sedan Volkswagen.

Consider a cloud-based CRM – These days, there is no need to purchase large amounts of data storage space for your contact data. Cloud-based CRM solutions are actually often recommended for several reasons, including security and ease of access. The best cloud-based contact manager solutions will eliminate the need for expensive hardware and server infrastructure, and reduce upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. Plus, you should find it easy to scale up or down your cloud-based data service, permitting good management of data storage expenses.

CRM can reduce paper costs and minimize environmental impact –With a well-organized, up-to-date client relationship management software solution your organization should find that users are much less inclined to print off records or lists, and feel confident relying on data found within the digital CRM system. All contact data is stored efficiently and organized according to useful information, easily searched according to multiple parameters – no need for paper records and much greater efficiency! 

Reduce customer acquisition costs – Your customer information database CRM system can indirectly help you find new leads. Why not analyze where your greatest sales successes are, looking at demographics and other useful data stored in the contact management tool – then make use of those customer profiles to apply to other lists or customer segments.

CRM can reduce travel expenses – Using best client management software wisely can ensure that business travel is carefully planned and organized, and in some cases eliminated entirely. Long-term relationships with customers are key and that may require periodic face-to-face meetings – optimizing use of the data stored within the CRM means that each meeting is efficient and exactly meets the needs of the client. As well, a sales tour can be organized efficiently according to region and location. And of course, many business relationships are currently very accustomed to relying on online communications – an efficient and well-populated contact data management system will ensure that online meetings are scheduled effectively and the agenda covers issues recorded in the CRM notes.

Improve tracking and analysis of marketing campaigns with your CRM – Making effective use of software to keep track of customers and record response and sales as a result of marketing campaigns means that future campaigns can be even more effective, directing investment to the most profitable relationships and markets. Your contact data management software can track demographics, and shopping and online habits. As well, you can put your web-based client management software to use establishing an ongoing connection with prime prospects using segmented lists and automated messaging.

Basic contact management software can minimize customer service expenses – It can be expensive setting up and managing a customer support division. However, if that team is provided access to all contact data, the Customer Service Relationship representatives will be able to quickly investigate and solve service issues.

Use address management software to streamline data entry and management – Manual data entry is both time-consuming and subject to errors. Automating data entry processes will increase accuracy and allow integration with other systems. CRM software for small business can save time and money as well as minimize costly mistakes.

Is it expensive to subscribe to a contact data management solution?

The price of a CRM system will vary depending on your needs.  However even the smaller companies and non-profits can find an affordable small business contact data management software solution that can meet their needs and that they can afford. Contact Boss subscriptions for example start at $11.62 CAD per user per month. Any size organization can take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of a CRM noted above. Incorporating these cost-saving strategies into your contact database software implementation and maintenance efforts can yield significant benefits for your organization.


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