Use your contact management software wisely to make the most of 2023!


Here you are again, facing down a New Year full of challenges and opportunities! The good news – the economy seems to be recovering quickly and many companies are poised to take advantage of growth in their sector. However, all good managers are aware of a few niggling issues that could slow their growth or limit profits. Let’s look a little more closely at a few of the challenges and see if there is any lemonade to be made from those lemons, by capitalizing on your valuable online contact database.  


Prices have increased across the board, so every part of your operation can be scrutinized for possible savings. Your team may not be utilizing your contact data management tool to the fullest. Why not allocate an hour or two in early January to review your contact database software. Analyze team logins, and review customer contact software for any insights that will enhance your bottom line for 2023. If you don’t already subscribe to a web-based CRM software then 2023 should be the year when you do your research and identify the best customer database software for small business. It is generally agreed that efficient use of software to keep track of your contacts may be the best single investment your organization can make. And while inflation is causing price increases across the board, it is very possible to find effective and affordable contact management software that suits your needs. Take a look at Contact Boss for example, where the monthly fee is under $12 CAD per user per month.

Staffing shortages

It is a well-known fact that organizations everywhere are suffering from staffing shortages. Making effective use of contact database management software can actually free up staff time, allowing team members to schedule and take on tasks that previously they may have performed manually. As well, many basic contact management software tools have an option to assign and record tasks ensuring efficient use of staff time. Don’t forget to look into the possibility of automating workflows in your cloud-based contact management system.

Also, a well-designed contact manager software may be an invaluable aid in recruiting new staff. The names collected in your contact manager software could very well contain your next new hire!

 Employee wellness

Acknowledging the current staff shortage situation means that staff retention will be a key part of the process of good business management in 2023. Research suggests that employees thrive on positive feedback and the opportunity to exercise some autonomy. Providing your team with the best client management system available will encourage staff to take on tasks and achieve results capitalizing on your valuable customer data. Finding the best contact database for small business means subscribing to a web-based client management software that is easy to learn and simple to manage day to day. Also ensuring that the cloud-based CRM software you select has an easy-to-use mobile app will allow staff freedom to work from any location.

Supply chain issues

While the challenges related to supply chain were most prominent during 2020-2021, we continue to face difficulties in locating and securing some basic products and supplies. A contact management tool that has been thoroughly populated with contacts from all categories including customers, staff, supporters and suppliers can prove extremely useful when it comes time to source materials. Contact Boss allows for several categories of contacts in its client tracking software, making it easy to sort for suppliers; making use of the Notes fields to ensure the suppliers are efficient and reliable.

Data security

Clients are justifiably concerned about the safety of their valuable online contact database and demand assurance that the records are stored safely. Contact Boss has implemented a series of measures to ensure that data is secure, and that system use is carefully tracked. Look for means to control user permissions and track the chain of custody to ensure the integrity of your database. This also makes it easy to run detailed reports of logins, entries, and modifications, as well as audit use.

Multi-factor authentication for logins are now expected, verifying the user’s identity before granting access to company devices, email, etc. by requiring a password and a security question. The audit trail tracks each entry and user, making sure no data has been compromised by providing the time of login and logout, browser type, IP address, and country of origin. 

The best cloud-based contact manager software should also protect against data loss in the case of hard-drive failure, device theft or cyber attack. Look for frequent backups with secure storage in the cloud.

Increased customer expectations

Customers around the world now expect excellent service, quickly! By using software to keep track of customers your organization can ensure that expectations are met without delay. A client contact software that easily collects and sorts customer records will help you notice issues and opportunities. As well look for the option to record searchable, detailed notes on each customer record – these notes will be invaluable in resolving customer disputes or finding commonalities in feedback. 2023 – here we come! Most of us will be amazed at how quickly last year flew by – don’t let the coming year zip past without making sure you are capitalizing on data opportunities and dealing with current sector pain points by making the most of your address management software.


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