Making the most of your contact database management system


Your CRM has multiple uses – don’t miss out!

You’ve signed up for a contact data management system. You have your customer data nicely organized within it. That’s great! But are you using your CRM software to its fullest potential? Why not take a look at a few scenarios where a versatile contact management system like Contact Boss can be optimized by your organization.

  •  Let’s imagine a real-life situation where you could get the most advantage of a CRM or contact management database software like Contact Boss. For example, Organization “A” is planning an event where they want to promote a new product. The event organizer can liaise with the marketing team to identify the customers in the database records with the greatest potential. A targeted invitation list can be quickly developed. The organizer can also consult the data to locate the most-often used suppliers to host the event. As well, possible sponsors will be found classified in a category of their own, or via notes that suggest sponsorship is an option. Also, the database will be used to create a media invitation list in order to generate some publicity for the event and the new product. Finally, at the event itself, the attendees will be checked in via the same Contact Boss interface, allowing for efficient follow-up after the event.
  • Or maybe Company “B” wants to launch a campaign to reach only the customers within a 250-mile radius, who are at the consideration stage in the sales funnel. The marketing team can analyze the data and generate a list based on the above, but they can also check with the sales agents to look for any trends in the notes -i.e. are potential customers stalled at the consideration stage because of price or are there other barriers to final purchase decision-making? The campaign messaging can be devised based on customer data notes as well. Then, the data can be analyzed to determine if the previous response (open and click rates for example) has been more positive at certain times of the day or week. Your CRM is not just a list of names and addresses – it contains a wealth of information if all the internal users are taking full advantage of the potential to store and organize data and marketing and sales insights!
  • Finally, the organization “C” wants to let their members know about a new benefits structure. They plan to tailor the messages according to status (current and paid-up; lapsed; members for more than 10 years; names of potential joiners, and so on.) A well-organized contact database, with robust search capability such as Contact Boss can simplify this task to a few straightforward steps. The customized messaging will be deployed to a very targeted list. At the same time, an information night/social event is being planned for all members and potential members. Contact Boss is equipped to not only generate a list, but it can also merge with the organization’s preferred email platform, and then be used to track attendees at the event, setting up the team for very effective outreach following the event, where customized messages can communicate the most appropriate calls to action. Organization “C” has also issued a friendly invitation to all to come by their office to learn more about the member program in person. With Contact Boss, all visitors will be logged complete with details, making follow-up simple and streamlined. 

Use your contact management software for internal purposes too

In the best-case scenario, the contact management database connects all teams in real-time, allowing for much-improved collaboration. With Contact Boss, the administrator can track logins and audit changes plus set access permissions according to their areas and levels of responsibility, meaning that the CRM is much more than an external tool for managing customer contacts. The potential of the internal audit and login trail means that management has an up-to-the-minute record of activity that has occurred at the staff level. Log-in reports can be generated by date, user or location and employee lists can be maintained inside your contact management software records as well.

Don’t forget that Contact Boss works just as well on your phone or tablet meaning that while on the road or at events, you can be sure to have access to all the most current details on your full contact database. Your contact data management system should be providing much more for your company than a fancy address list. Check out the versatility offered by Contact Boss – book your free trial today.


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