The search capability is a major success factor in contact management


Find what you are looking for in your contact database

You’re certain it’s there, maybe you even entered the data yourself, but the search function of your CRM software is just not locating the details for “JoAnne,” who you met last month at the Chamber mixer. It’s both frustrating and time-consuming to dig around in your contact data looking for useful business information. Sometimes you find yourself creating a whole new record, only to realize later that you now have duplicate contact records! Finding a contact data system with robust search capability would make life so much easier.

The searchability of customer data in CRM software systems is a major factor for success in generating positive user adoption. Staff will quickly become disenchanted with systems that waste their time or cause frustration. And we know all too well that the effectiveness of our contact database systems depends on the willing adoption and engagement of its internal users. Insights for Professionals notes that your contact management software must be easy to use with a clear, uncluttered interface and an efficient search tool if users are going to get on board and make optimal use of your CRM system. 

An effective search capability is an essential component of your CRM system. Contact Boss has made the search function in its contact management software a priority, ensuring that records are easily located.  You can find contacts by searching the whole application for the date of entry, where you met, company name, who referred them, job title, or personal details, such as what school they attended or the name of their pet. The ability to search the detailed notes that you’ve added to the record will yield better results overall.

Four benefits of robust search capability in your CRM software

Here are four reasons why you need a CRM system that delivers efficient and accurate search results: 

  1. Contact data entry will be more accurate and detailed and duplicates will be avoided. 
  2. Staff will use their time more effectively and learn to trust the software resulting in greater adoption of the contact management system. 
  3. Customer service will be improved as staff creates more complete records that are easily and quickly retrieved.
  4. Solid search capability improves your ability to comply with data security regulations

This is where other database applications fall short. With Contact Boss, you’ll have a robust search function allowing you to find anyone in seconds, with a partial name, event date, or descriptor. This database detective helps to fill in the gaps, even when you’ve forgotten a name! Contact Boss also helps you avoid the entry of those annoying duplicate records: a quick click on the duplicate check function will reveal if a contact’s email is already in the system.  Also Contact Boss is an expert in delivering search results that match your query: if you are looking for Steve from Oshawa, you need not sift through all the other “Steves” or all the Oshawa residents to find him. Having a functional, easy to use CRM software with highly effective search capability will allow staff to finally give up their traditional spreadsheets in favor of a system that delivers the features they need. 

Search capability trumps quantity when it comes to contact management

While it is important to continue to add records and grow your contact database, business managers have to remember that vast quantities of contacts are only useful if the information is easily categorized and searchable. You may have 30,000 contacts in your database, but if you cannot find that key client at a crucial moment in your sales funnels, then you risk losing the confidence of your customer, or worse, losing the business to a competitor. 

Contact Boss can not only help you build a large contact database with many detailed records – but it will also ensure that you can search and sort those records for the best business advantage! A free 30-day trial will let you test Contact Boss’s robust search function along with many other useful contact database management features. 


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