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In order to capture valuable data and keep track of visitor activity many busy offices install visitor management software. In particular, hospitals, schools, government offices and similar organizations find it useful for efficient visitor check-in and record keeping, but there are also valuable security aspects to collecting and storing data on visitor interactions. And of course, any business operation that wants to monitor client contact for sales purposes would find an electronic visitor and call record invaluable.

But are you aware that it may not be necessary to purchase a separate system to manage visitor traffic data – the contact management system, Contact Boss, offers a streamlined way to track activity with clients, suppliers or any type of visitor. Contact Boss can send immediate notifications when visitors arrive, identify return visitors, select previously registered contacts instantly, capture details from all types of visitors and create a log, and generally automate the onerous process of keeping accurate records of calls and visits. This makes life easier for administrative personnel, reduces potential errors and saves time for staff and clients overall.

Prices for stand-alone visitor management software can range all the way up to $120 per month, so organizations should consider carefully if such an investment is necessary, especially when Contact Boss can deliver much of the same functionality at a much lower price. Also consider the potential challenges of integrating a visitor management system into your existing CRM; wouldn’t it be much simpler to collect and manage all your data in one place?

Let’s follow the path of a visitor’s data at Contact Boss from first point of contact:

  • Visitor checks in and contact information is captured or retrieved.
  • Host is notified.
  • A record is created identifying the host and detailing the date of visit and reason for the meeting.
  • Further notes are added to the record specific to the visitor or caller’s actual needs or interests.
  • Follow-up email is generated after the meeting.
  • Report is created which can be accessed by host plus any other company managers according to permission levels.
  • Alert is activated to ensure follow through on client expectations.
  • Client returns at which point he is well recognized by the system, his relevant data is pulled up, and personalized service is guaranteed.

The same streamlined procedure is just as effective when used at your hosted events or at trade shows. Imagine encountering a sales prospect or a supplier at a trade show and being able to instantly identify their pressing concerns and call up the details of the most recent interaction. This kind of service is bound to win approval from your contacts of all types.

Of course, it is equally important to track your team’s outbound sales activity. Just as you can track and record visits and calls into your business, you can make detailed records of outreach calls and visits. Contact Boss is completely mobile responsive and works with most browsers including Chrome or Firefox on Android or iOS. Plus you can conveniently use the calling feature to click on a phone number and reach your client directly.

Maintaining thorough visitor and outreach records is also ideal in situations of staff turnover, or teamwork. If visitor interactions are easily documented, all team members will have a much better understanding of opportunities, challenges and management will even be able to analyze call and visitor logs to understand trends that may need addressing in terms of company policy, or identifying possible new prospects.

Why not set up a free trial at Contact Boss now to test the visitor management features of this contact data management software.


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