4 Ways Client Tracking Software Can Help You Plan Your Next Event


Hosting a successful business event involves many elements, but one of your first steps will be deciding who to invite and keeping track of the guest list. Contact Boss’s client tracking software can make this step easier by managing your event registrations for you, so you can focus on the bigger decisions.

Let’s take for example, a Customer Appreciation Event. You’ll want to invite all the clients you’ve interacted with over the past year. Using Contact Boss, you can do this easily. Here’s how:

1. Contact Management 

Contact Boss allows you to record and update your contacts on a daily basis. Within the record, you can keep detailed notes, such as where you met, and what conversations you’ve had. This can help you to add personal details to your invitation. This is a great way to build a more personal rapport with your invitees and can have a positive impact on whether or not they will attend your event. 

Adding and regularly updating your contacts in Contact Boss is easy. To create a new contact, simply click on the ‘quick create’ button and input the details of your new contact. To add more detail to your contact, select ‘create’. This will allow you to input additional profile information, work information, group, profile picture, and more. 

If you wish to add additional information to a contact record, such as a report of an interaction, you can use the ‘search’ function to locate the contact, and then ‘edit’. Scroll down to the ‘notes’ section to make note of each interaction.

2. Prepare & Send Invitations

Contact Boss will allow you to email invitations to your contacts. You can send them in bulk, or make them individual, personal emails. You can also note the date the invite was sent, and schedule follow ups and event reminders, as well.

To send invitations to your Customer Appreciation Day, create a ‘group’ for the event, and edit the contacts you wish to attend to add them to that group. Next, using the ‘search’ function, select the group name, to pull up all contacts within that group. 

Next, simply click the box beside each name within the group, and click on the Gmail, Yahoo or Default mail integration button. This will open your email within a new tab of your browser, allowing you to draft and send your email correspondence.

Depending on your email program, you may also be able to set future emails, such as follow up emails and event reminders. Be sure to include a link to your event page, so that you can collect RSVPs.

3. Collect & Track RSVPs

Once you have sent your invitations, you can collect event registrations via an event page. This page would include all the pertinent details of your event, such as date, time and location, as well as a form to collect RSVPs into Contact Boss.

To do this, select ‘admin’ and ‘build a form’. You have 4 different form options:

  1. Event form template – allows you to build an event page from a template
  2. Event form custom – provides a snippet of code for you to integrate into your own page
  3. Enquiry form template – allows you to build an enquiry form page on your website
  4. Enquiry form custom – provides a snippet of code for you to integrate into your own page

You can select your event form type, then follow the prompts to gather the information you need to collect event RSVP’s. To view your RSVP’s you can select ‘view event forms’ under the ‘admin’ menu, to count and track them. 

Knowing your attendees allows you to plan accordingly for name badges, food and drink, seating, and more.

4. Communicate With Attendees

Now that you know who is attending your Customer Appreciation Day, you can be sure to communicate with them leading up to your big event, as well as follow up afterwards. You can also use attendee lists for prospecting and sales – because now you know your most engaged contacts. 

Contact Boss makes it very easy for businesses and organizations to keep track of all their contacts in one easy place, as well as make event planning just a little easier. With the right communication plan in place, you’re one step closer to making your contacts do the work for you.

Contact Boss is the easiest way to manage business contacts, customers and clients. Our intuitive interface is easy to learn, making it the best choice for your business interactions. Want more information about our client tracking software? Contact us today to learn more or sign up for a free trial


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