Does your small-medium sized company or non-profit need software to keep track of clients?


As a sole proprietor of a growing business, or a manager in a small company, perhaps you assume that there is no need for specialized contact management software. Maybe you are tracking clients with spreadsheets or other basic tools. But if you are looking for greater efficiency and eventual growth for your organization, then it is definitely time to research the options and find the best contact and client management software for your needs.

Stop and analyze your business model – what is the most important aspect of your operation? You will most likely determine that staying in touch with your customers, suppliers, staff and other contacts is paramount to your success! But if staying in touch with these diverse elements of your network means onerous searching through databases, inefficient copy-pasting emails, or heaven forbid, realizing you have actually misplaced valuable contact information – then it is most certainly an opportune moment to look into the best client management systems available for you. There are several features to consider when making your decision to invest in contact database software – let’s review some important items to take into account when choosing a CRM for small business.

  1. Affordability – If your company is small or just getting off the ground, or possibly a non-profit, then you do not want to address too much of your budget on your online contact database software. An affordable contact management software solution is key – and you might be surprised that some Canadian-based CRM companies offer all the features that you need, yet are priced in a range that your operation can afford without breaking the budget. For instance, Contact Boss is available for an amazing $11.67 per user per month based on an annual subscription. And keep in mind the price quoted is in Canadian currency, so for users in the US or elsewhere there may well be significant savings in currency exchange rates.
  2. Usability – If your small team is going flat out, they will find it hard to take the time to learn and adapt to new contact manager software. Be sure, when doing your research for the best contact database for small business, that the contact management tool you choose is both easy to learn and has excellent customer support service. The best online contact database companies will be ready and willing to ensure your success with your new contact management solution.
  3. Cloud-based and secure – When considering moving to an online client tracking software, be sure to take note that the most efficient and reliable contact management tools are cloud based. The best cloud-based contact management systems provide security for your valuable contact data. As well, a cloud-based CRM software will ensure that users can access the data from anywhere – an excellent bonus as your teams continue to work from home or on mobile devices.
  4. Bonus features – As a small or medium-sized operation you may think you do not need any bells or whistles on your web-based client management software. However, do research what features are offered with each subscription – Contact Boss for instance is a North American CRM designed for small business and many extra features are included with this affordable client contact software. While a basic contact management software may well meet your needs today, it is worthwhile to consider how your business could grow, or if extra features could improve your operation’s efficiency today.
  5. Searchability – As a busy employee/manager in a small business or non-profit you no doubt find it difficult to religiously file data in the correct spot every time you generate a new lead, or follow up with a contact. With an efficient, easy-to-use business contact software, you can instantly make life much easier for yourself and all your co-workers and contacts. Contact Boss is noted for its highly effective search capabilities. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find anyone in seconds, even with just a partial name, event date, or descriptor. Contact Boss can also search detailed notes in your data records as well as phone numbers, city or a combination of keywords like ‘CEO from New York’.

So, if you are wondering if you are ready to add the online contact manager software to your office tools, why not sit down right away, define your most important requirements and do some research into the best contact management solutions. When you have made your short list of preferred providers, set up a demo subscription or two and give it a true test for your own situation.  Compare prices and customer service, and even speak with other users of CRM software whose operations compare to your own. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge into a new era of data management efficiency!


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