Contact Management Software with Powerful Search Capabilities

An animated scene depicting an office team using CRM software.

Find contacts quickly and avoid duplicates

This is where other database applications often fall short. With Contact Boss CRM, you’ll have a robust search function allowing you to find anyone in seconds, with a partial name, event date, or descriptor. This database detective helps to fill in the gaps, even when you’ve forgotten a name! Contact Boss can find your contact by searching the detailed notes that you’ve added to the record, so you can search by almost anything including date of entry or where you met.

Perhaps you recall their job title or company they work for, the school they went to or who referred them to you – just use the contact data management system to find the record you need. The powerful search capability of Contact Boss CRM means you need never enter another duplicate record, as the efficient search tool will ensure that similar records will be located before you create the data entry.

An animated scene depicting an office team using CRM software.

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