Optimize remote and blended work locations with the best CRM software.


A recent workforce survey of 2,000 Canadian office employees and employers shows that “much of the Canadian talent base has fully embraced technology, and there’s a growing feeling people can be productive from anywhere.” One of the most important tech tools available to support workers is an easy-to-use and efficient contact management system that is accessible and functional from any location. As your company aims for more effective remote working situations, be sure to optimize working conditions with appropriate contact data management technology to support efficient communication and greater productivity.

After two years of altered working situations both employers and employees have had an opportunity to evaluate their preferences and measure productivity. A PwC survey of 133 U.S. company executives revealed that 83% believe that remote work has been a success. However, the companies that are experiencing the most success with work-from-home models have adopted technologies to support remote work.  “Optimizing the hybrid workplace requires accelerating investments to support virtual collaboration and creativity, as well as for scheduling and safety,” say the experts at PwC US.

Contact Boss, for example, is an affordable, complete contact management software that is cloud-based, assuring both accessibility from anywhere and security of that all-important contact database. To ensure that remote workers and mobile/travelling staff are properly equipped to complete the necessary tasks, and communicate easily with co-workers and customers, look for software tools that are easy to learn and function well on desktop and mobile platforms.

Let’s take a look at how the use of suitable software can simplify life for staff and employers in remote or blended work situations. Companies and organizations should look for CRM/online address book software that:

1) Ensures easy, streamlined communication with contacts.

Working from home can cause feelings of isolation in some employees. To be sure that all staff feel connected and in touch with fellow staff members, as well as clients and customers, companies should subscribe staff to an efficient cloud-based and secure contact management software. The software need not be expensive but should allow for easy collaboration with robust and fast database search.

2) Supports additional functions such as event management.  

Many of your meetings may still take place online and, no doubt, your teams make good use of Zoom and Google Meet etc. Take a look at your CRM to see if you can use a built-in tool to communicate and set up meetings (either virtual or in person) with contacts in your database.

3) Is cloud-based.

A secure cloud-based system is the best option to ensure that the records in your contact data management system are securely stored and accessible only by authorized users. Storing your online address book in the cloud also promises that only the most current version of your contact data is available, avoiding issues with multiple versions that may spring up when using other contact data systems. With the Contact Boss cloud-based CRM your organization is ensured fast and efficient access to large amounts of data, with no need for on-site storage. Search speed is paramount when you are in the middle of a transaction and need access to information right away. Cloud-based contact data management offers multiple benefits for your small business or non-profit organization. 

4) Can be used by staff across the organisation.

Rather than set up separate databases for various team units in your organization, subscribe to a CRM software that is able to tag and sort all types of contacts and group different contacts. The best contact management software should have a search function that allows you to find anyone in seconds, with a partial name, or search by keywords such as “CEO from New York.”

5) Will help keep team members on task.

Employees working from home may find it more difficult to stay focussed. CRM software like Contact Boss can help workers and managers track their progress with useful reminder tools. The reminder/follow-up function should be simple to set up, providing multiple communication options, while also allowing you to assign tasks to team members, sending a prompt, plus a tracking mechanism with deadline dates included – a great way to keep your team accountable, motivated, and productive.

6) Be available as a mobile app.

Since workers are on the move from home to the office and parts in between, it is imperative that any CRM that you choose offer a mobile version for the phone. Even as staff migrate around their homes, they will find it useful to be able to quickly call up contacts and search out names and details on their mobile phones.

7) Can integrate with other commonly used office tools.

Contact Boss, for instance, allows for automated data transfer to external tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars and online address books.  

As organizations make important decisions on ongoing work locations, managers and employees must set clear expectations for success. Using best-in-class CRM technology wisely and efficiently will ensure that remote, hybrid, or office work locations will deliver the best possible results for all.


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