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Contact Boss offers much more than efficient and affordable contact data management – your subscription includes event management software! In just three easy steps you can build the event page and be ready to invite your guests. The Contact Boss event registration software makes it simple! First, you need only enter the basic event information: title, organizer, location and start and end time. Then you can dress up your event with a detailed description, images, and video! Step three allows you to define the fields you wish to include in your registration form, permitting the resulting contact list to merge easily with your Contact Boss database. The registration form also includes an opt-in section so that the contact data you collect will have clearly defined permissions for your records. Managing an event from within your contact database management software is much preferred for plenty of reasons!

Contact Boss also offers integration with a commonly used automation tool to help transfer data between applications. Once you have built your event as Organizer you can opt to add it to your Google or Outlook calendar using Zapier

Event Registration & Management Software - Contact Boss
Event Registration & Management Software - Contact Boss
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