Getting started with the Contact Boss CRM Database is easier than you might think. Contact Boss has powerful tools to help you keep in touch with the contacts you’ve worked so hard to get for your business or organization! In order to best leverage the Contact Boss CRM Database, consider every person you meet as a valuable contact and keep their information safe and secure. To get started, reference this easy starter package with tips and tricks to make the most of your subscription!

Complete information is available in our Easy Starter Package - Please click here


Creating new contacts in Contact Boss is simple for any user. Use the ‘Quick Create’ button to quickly input contact information into Contact Boss, or use the ‘Create’ button for long form entries.

To get started, select Create, enter your contact type, add in profile information and contact info, and click Save.

In the comments section, you also have the option to include detailed information about the contact. For example, you can add notes about:

  • Who introduced you to this client?
  • What school did they attend?
  • What group do they belong to?

Once you click Save, the contact’s information is saved into the database.

For a faster way to add contacts, simply click the Quick Create button in Contact Boss.

Here, you can quickly select contact type, enter the name, email address and phone number, check the database for duplicate entries, and then click Submit.

With the Create and Quick Create functions, your team will become accurate and efficient contact entry creators. Sit back and watch as your contact database grows!

Complete information is available in our Easy Starter Package - please click here

The power of Contact Boss lies in its ability to search in the whole application, not just for a name. This is great for people who tend to forget names!

One of the quickest and easiest ways to search for contacts is to search by keywords. This will identify all the contact records with this keyword. You can also filter results to make identifying one contact a whole lot faster.

To start, enter a keyword such as the person’s company, or job title. Next, you can filter by group, such as their organization.

If you can’t recall the name of a contact you met at a recent networking event, you can also search by date range. To do this, simply enter the date of creation.

This will give you a list of contacts that you entered that day.

Complete Information is available in our Easy Starter Package - Please click here

Contact Boss has provided 10 fields for various contact types including “Non-categorized.” However your organization may wish to change or rename some categories; Contact Boss allows you to rename up to three of the contact type fields.

Yes, Contact Boss allows you to add up to three custom fields to each of your contact types permitting a high degree of customization for users of Contact Boss software. 

One of the benefits of using Contact Boss is the handy visitor contact capture that is used by your front-line staff to identify visitors to your business. Contact Boss enables your team to quickly identify new and returning visitors and send immediate notifications to computers and mobile devices by email.

To use the visitor contact capture function, navigate to Visitor Contact Capture and begin to type the name of the contact. If the contact is a returning visitor, their name will appear, along with their registered information, such as email and phone number.

If not, you can easily add a new visitor / caller by clicking Add. If applicable, you can add a card or visitor number. Next, select who they are wishing to connect with from the pull-down menu, along with their purpose for visiting / calling. You can enter further details in the Comments section, as well.

Click Submit to send an alert by email.

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