Small Business CRM Case Studies

Not-for-Profit/Public Service

A leading public service agency was growing rapidly in Canada. Every day they were meeting new clients and adding contacts to their database. It was obviously time to find a solution that would make their operation more efficient.

They were pleased to find that Contact Boss, was able to not only meet their needs but was also capable of developing several custom functions that fit the agency’s specific requirements. The group works as a team, so they found it exceptionally helpful to use the cloud-based software to share access to records and update contact details, preventing duplicates and ensuring accurate up-to-date records at all times.

As well, the agency often hosts events, both virtual and in-person, so they were pleasantly surprised to find that Contact Boss is able to fully support their event management process from developing invitation lists, sending invites and collecting RSVPs to collecting attendance records and follow-up tools.

The organization has clients and suppliers in several categories, so easy grouping, searching and sorting were primary priorities – an area where the Contact Boss contact data management software stands above the competition.

Because the public service agency is often called upon to present reports and provide detailed validation for programming, they looked to expand the use of the contact data software - they opted for a Contact Boss Enterprise subscription which allows them to access many custom-developed functions.

The team has been using Contact Boss since 2018 - prior to that, inefficient processes were in place that depended on various spreadsheets and offline collection of data. Now, as subscribers to Contact Boss contact data management software, their day-to-day operations have become so much more efficient and productive. Contact Boss has allowed for “one-stop” collecting, storing and sorting of contact data, accessible by all members of the team whether in the office or on the road meeting with clients and supporters.

Contact Boss ensures an effective means to manage data as well as collect detailed records of interactions, help staff stay on task, plan events, and prepare reports and the agency team is fully convinced that their work lives have become more efficient and productive.

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Small Business CRM Case Studies

Financial Advisory Company

The busy team at a well-known financial advisory company uses Contact Boss to store and manage contact information about their clients.They find the Contact Boss mobile app version to be especially convenient, allowing staff members to quickly create contact records on the go, capturing basic details on their mobile devices. As an added level of security and convenience, Contact Boss data is stored in the cloud, minimizing duplication and ensuring the most current version of the database is accessed.

The Contact Boss enquiry web form has also proven to be an excellent means for the company to collect contact information and automatically store it in the database. Potential customers are able to easily and quickly request more details ensuring that preliminary interactions are transformed into leads. As the company’s contact database grows they make excellent use of the stored information to deploy promotional emails or meeting invitations to targeted lists, all available at their fingertips via the fully integrated Contact Boss data management software.

The company has also been making good use of the integrated Contact Boss Event Management feature. A real bonus in the CRM software, the tool provides an easy-to-use interface to set up events, send invitations, receive RSVPs and even send attendees a thank-you note! And to ensure future events are even more effective the company asks attendees for feedback via a survey link provided in the thank-you email, all part of the streamlined Contact Boss event management feature.

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Small Business CRM Case Studies

Real Estate/Building Management Company

When a branch/division of a major building management company discovered Contact Boss, they knew they had found the solution to their contact data management challenges. The possibility to store all contact information in one central location was very appealing, but most useful of all was the ability to organize and categorize the contacts according to type.

For external contacts the Contact Boss contact data management software is especially effective. Tenants and suppliers are all in one cloud-based central database, and the highly robust search function of Contact Boss allows for instant search results when the company is looking for a list of local contacts such as "Plumber in Area A" or "Tenants in Building C." The resulting lists are then easily put to use in the Contact Boss email communication feature, allowing for quick messaging to specific groups of clients, contractors or suppliers. Because Contact Boss provides ample space for recording searchable notes, the building management/real estate company also finds it very effective for checking back on performance or quality of work of suppliers.

Contact Boss is a cloud-based contact management system/CRM, so data is stored securely without duplications, ensuring that all users are working with the same accurate, up-to-date contact data. And the mobile app is particularly useful for a business in the real estate sector, where staff are often on the road or working after hours.

The building management/real estate company also uses Contact Boss for internal communication, reaching out to employees with announcements. The Contact Boss reminder feature is also very efficient for scheduling internal follow ups with individuals on requests or tasks. The software is easy to learn, allowing staff members to quickly pick it up and make use of features.

The commercial real estate sector is dynamic and demanding and this company provides a variety of services to real estate clients, such as lease administration, tenant representation, and project management and they have developed a complex set of contacts. Contact Boss allows them to efficiently manage clients, suppliers and staff data.

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Small Business CRM Case Studies


One of the most prominent cathedrals in a Canadian city uses Contact Boss to store and organize contact Information of church members. The cathedral staff and volunteers also find the contact data management tool very useful for generating email address lists in order to communicate the latest news and announcements about special events etc..During the pandemic period provincial public health regulations limited the size of gatherings and the Event Management tool included in Contact Boss is well-suited to manage registrations and cap the number of attendees for weekly Mass or other church gatherings.

Small Business CRM Case Studies

E-Commerce Portal

A leading independent journal chose to work with Contact Boss to customize their software to create an efficient and easy-to-use e-commerce feature as well as capture online subscriber data. The customized e-commerce portal handles subscriptions and mailings lists for an independent journal that is published six times per year to serve the worldwide Anglican Communion. The existing Contact Boss contact data management software supports all the subscriber database functions, while the custom-built e-commerce solution allows readers to purchase and renew subscriptions.The Contact Boss team was able to develop a tool that meets the specific needs of The Anglican Journal publishers, allowing readers to purchase subscriptions and the publishers to manage contact data via a simple-to-use dashboard permitting the team to easily organize contact data and communicate with readers.

The efficient online subscriber database management tool combined with the Contact Boss custom e-commerce function allows the team to easily organize subscriber records, track renewal dates and communicate directly with readers of the journal, all via one effective software solution.

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