Affordable Contact Management Software Solutions+ Free Trial

Affordable Contact Management Software Solutions+ Free Trial

Easy to learn with plenty of features

Contact Boss is an uncomplicated, simple-to-use CRM database manager, with powerful capabilities! Small business users will the Contact Boss CRM makes it easy to enter data, search for records, and move intuitively between functional areas. An affordable contact management software, Contact Boss requires a minimal amount of training so everyone on the team can quickly and easily pick it up and go.

The robust search capability of Contacts Boss CRM means that your team will be able to instantly locate contacts by any category of data entered including keyword, location, date entered, job title, etc. You can also upload your existing database or address book and be up and running quickly with no need to manually enter old data. You can also easily identify and merge duplicate contacts.

In addition, the Contact Boss contact management system provides features for tracking visitors, managing events, and integrating with email programs. Also, Contact Boss data is safely stored in the cloud. Contact Boss also allows for automated transfer of data from Contact Boss to popular products such as Google and Microsoft Outlook using an automation tool. The tracking function allows for records of sales calls as well as internal activity by staff.

Affordable Contact Management Software Solutions+ Free Trial

Contact Boss is a CRM, popular with subscribers in North America and Europe, that is both powerful and affordable with a full suite of contact management features. And your team will thank you for the intuitive, easy-to-learn interface!

Total control of your contacts

An easy-to-use, yet powerful CRM database manager allowing you to track and manage the people who drive your organization

Affordable Contact Management Software Solutions+ Free Trial
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