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Use the Contact Boss easy form-builder to manage events and capture online contacts

One very important moment in the customer capture chain of events is that first encounter, which often takes place at a trade show or industry event. Making conversation notes and collecting business cards is all very well but imagine if you could quickly collect the contact data of your potential client as well as instantly integrate it into your overall CRM. With the “quick create” function Contact Boss ensures you never miss an opportunity for an ongoing connection with customers.

And if you are hosting an event, Contact Boss’ contact management system also eliminates the need for third-party event registration tools, bringing it all home in one convenient event form that you can customize for your needs including capture of RSVPs. Even better, you can insert images and maps to create very professional event pages.

The same scenario applies to online encounters. Visitors to your website are excellent prospects – be sure you make it very easy for them to fill in enquiry forms that are then integrated into the CRM database. Contact Boss includes an easy form builder for your website that allows you to customize the fields and ensure you capture the contact data you need to follow up efficiently.

Coming soon: accept online payments for your events using Contact Boss!

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