Audit Trail Security Function and Data Loss Prevention

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A graphic depicting a group of individuals interacting with a computer interface, logging information through an audit trail

Track logins and protect against data loss with Contact Boss security systems

Contact Boss has implemented a series of measures to ensure that data is secure, and that system use is carefully tracked. With our CRM login trail you can control user permissions and track the chain of custody to ensure the integrity of your database, making it easy to run detailed reports of logins, entries, and modifications, as well as audit use.

For instance, with the Contact Boss CRM you can require multi-factor authentication for logins verifying the user’s identity before granting access to company devices, email, etc. by requiring a password and a security question. The audit trail tracks each entry and user, making sure no data has been compromised by providing the time of login and logout, browser type, IP address, and country of origin.

As well Contact Boss protects against data loss in the case of hard-drive failure, device theft or cyber attack. All data is scheduled to be backed up twice per week and stored in the cloud in multiple copies and across several hard drives. Security threats are a real concern and remaining compliant with data and security regulations can be a confusing process. Contact Boss can simplify this process.

Audit Trail & Login Trail

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Audit Trail Security Function and Data Loss Prevention
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