Contact Boss Newsletter January 2022

Dear Contact Boss Community

Happy New Year to all our community and subscribers! What better way to start a brand-new year than to introduce our latest software upgrade - Contact Boss 2.0! Weare so pleased to share with you the enhancements that have been added and toexplain some new features.

Automate Your Data Transfers!

Contact Boss Pro and Premium subscribers can now take advantage of automated data transfers from Contact Boss to popular products such as Google Contacts and Calendar and Microsoft Outlook using your Zapier account. When creating an event with the Contact Boss Event Management tool, you can quickly integrate the event details with an Outlook, Google or other calendar belonging to one of your team members (generally the event organizer). Also, when creating or updating contact records you can easily transfer them to your Outlook or Google contact books. Contact Boss subscribers interested in taking advantage of this new feature will simply register with Zapier to learn more and set up convenient transfers from Contact Boss or contact us for more information on this new feature.

Contact Boss Zapier Integration

Event Management Tool Refined

Now the event organizer can use the Contact Boss Event Management Tool to refine the registration process, permitting registrants to RSVP for a single registrant or a group.

Ongoing Fixes

We continue to adjust Contact Boss, correcting any smaller/known issues as they are noted.

Fresh Interface Design

We are keeping your Contact Boss fresh and modern with design updates on some key pages like Add/Edit.

Stay in Touch!

We hope you are taking full advantage of your Contact Boss Demo access. Be sure to take a few minutes to look around our easy-to-use CRM and test out some of the excellent features! And do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions at any point - we are always happy to hear from you. Send your comments and feedback/testimonials to Be sure to share our newsletter with anyone who might be interested in our best-in-class software. We welcome your questions and we are always happy to offer training sessions. Also, if you or other companies you know might be interested in partnering with us please let them know about our Partner Program that rewards resellers with generous commissions.